My introduction to Solarpunk

It seems I am gaining a lot of interest in solar. The topic has always facinated me, mainly because it seems so simple, yet so difficult and foreign. How come something as simple as putting some cells on the rooftops will lower our killer power bill.

Living in a hot land, things like A/C are vital to our living standards. I’m used to sleep with A/C on all night, internet, and computers running 24/7, as a coder, they run specially during the night.

My family house used around 2.5 kw/h own a rather medium sized pool and also had up to 5 vehiecles. I imagined our carboon footprint was a large as it could be. No we didn’t had a private jet or travel every other week, but we did had a great deal of vacationing, a large office, and a large payroll.

And no is not to brag, but to actually make sense how can this or other families could afford to mantain their lifestyle entirely on the sun.

Sure we did had land, unocuppied land and even a ranch and with some great creditline we could have foster our own little power plant that could not only be enough for us but for maybe even the whole block.

We might have not have had the engineering expertise but being a civil engineer, this knowledge could have been acquired rather easily. Not just that, but it could have been good for business, generating hydropower was one way we were already making money, a solar plant could have been something unique that could have made us even more money.

But let’s do the math? How exactly is solar affordable not just now but back in the 80s/90s?

Right now the math goes like this:

400dls x 1kw/day panel plus inverter and wiring. To get our solar juice around 2 panels would have been an 800 dls investment.

I would love to get into the economics of it all, but I think this vary greatly because of the lack of knowledge for building such things nationally. Having to import everything put a high tax on the implementation, and this makes it hard to be able to get things straighten up.

Researching solar, I have come across facinating things. One of the experiments I remember well is how to harvest energy even from a light post many miles away enough to at least spin a small wheel.

Another was about the way it was rather easy to build solar panels from garbage.

Finally I learn how the history of the world could have greatly changed to a solar reality if some experiments would have gone well back in the early 1900s.

So now, thanks to random events I am getting back into solar once again and I hope this time I would be able to get things finalized into true solar benefit.


Start investing your internet time on research

Yesterday I had a friend coming over and have a serious discussion about the way people view the internet, and even if we know we have the worlds knowledge at a few click reach, most people refuse to make use of it to connect with the knowledge they really lack.
I think even in an age of apparent information overload, there is still a lot of people cognitively disconnected from it. We should try to start connecting our search skills to the current information we are lacking in our lives and start connecting to the information pools that are actually valuable in our lives.

Making this happen is more about discipline than money, or speed of your internet or even your technical knowledge. The basics of searching is really just a mind map of words that you can sometimes, even, randomly spew at the search bar and will often come up with the right answer. If your phone is not that old you could even dictate the query to it.

The important thing is that when you are in doubt your brain will be hardwired to search those terms.

The next step is learning the value of links, sure some people are very anal about their bookmarks, I am kind of the opposite. I seldom bookmark sites, but on the flip side I live with a 10000 tabs open just to make sure I am able to go back to where I was.

The next thing is really to read but also give back, a two-way conversation is better than just reading, for that you will need to type. Getting in touch with people on the internet is rather simple. Just look for their twitter, Facebook or email account and more often than none, you will get a reply.

Social searching is incredibly powerful, specially if your search is about a current event, or something that is becoming big in the news.

Youtube is also an alternative way of searching, if you are not the reading type, a video might be the way to go. Conferences, talks, discussions opinions, or even vblogs.

So next time you want to learn about something, just do that, it doesn’t really take that long come up with a whole bunch of material.

Werid disaspointment

ghost-in-the-shell-fingers-500x253So today I had a weird disappointment on my user skills, I find out to my surprise that my right hand is kind of useless on the keyboard. Turns out that I mostly use my index for everything on the keyboard. Sure my thumb is always on my spacebar and also my pinky sometimes operate the arrow keys every now and then. However I find it trully hard to believe that I cant type P or O because… well my index always was faster.

So from now on I am on a quest to try to type fully with my right hand’s fingers. I find the single quotes hard to type as well as all those weird =-)( keys.

Oh well let see if I can pick it up by the end of the month.

Talking about the Universe

Is nice when u have people that talk like nobody else. Those unique people with original ideas that connect you with something else than the routine. Whenever is deep spiritual things, or metaphysics is just the awareness of other things than the terrenial pre-disposed things that surround us.

Is the things that are out there, and that makes you get out of what you value day by day and makes you look up to the infinite. Something bigger than anything that you have known to each point. Doesn’t have to be emotional, doesn’t have to be human or human-like, things can be as cold as a rock, or a chemical that surround you.

Only the idea of contemplating a plane that is somewhat connected into a super organismo that slowly evolves into something that nobody you know will ever guess.

Being awaken, is something that is to some terrifying, to some amazing. The fear of letting go of anything that they consider meaningful in life and trading it for something that they are not sure at all. This is the way I think at the moment when I talk with my friend about the universe. Then there is the other thing which is conciousness.

What is this conciousness and studying the 7 levels, although some talk about 9 levels and others talk about just 4 levels. Some of these seems to overlap a bit, and at this point it doesnt really matter about the specifics, but just be aware of the shades of conciousness and which ones we are just not paying attention.

A quote from my friend’s book I love what she says about it.

The wave of pure consciousness takes place right after the first wave of pure
intent. The being now starts imagining themselves into existence in any and
all possible scenarios. This is where all the higher dimensions reside, where beings
manifest as infinite parallel expressions of pure awareness. This consciousness is in
constant union with the heart (the core essence). Consciousness can of course only
expand within the parameters of the original creative intent, within the boundaries of
natural law.

Sometimes is hard to get to learn about all this, and is relatively easy to dismiss as most of the pressure of dealing with the more mundane realities of self push us away from exploring this aspects of our life that we dont recognize as our own.

Structure ideas on the blockchain

This week I went to LaBitConf in Mexico City, we got the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world doing things that matter in the Bitcoin space. And then there were the mexicans that got their way into the conference. Not to say that there aren’t smart people, but sometimes I feel that we just don’t know what are supposed to be doing.

One of those is how are supposed to think, during my talk with many of them I couldn’t shake away from my head the many people I talk at the GNU/Linux conferences in Mexico.

The biggest difference I can tell is the age, but with the age also a vision that is somewhat shortsighted. Wanting to do things local are the kind of things that well, wrap around our thought process and keep revolving over this concept.

Being native to the cryptoworld my hope was of finding people eager to help this world. But what I found is again the same pattern, the itch they want to scratch being too narrow for the world. Too local, too shortsighted.

So I want to build a framework on how to formulate Ideas. Ideas that can form  global projects and can gain traction. First step is to learn that we are not citizens, we are internet entities, dealing with an internet asset. We need to use these assets as a platform to transform our digital ecosystem. Code is our tools to change the ecosystem and also the way we can make a difference in the world.

There is a tendency to make a difference in the physical world but I think that we first need to explore our own digital world. After all, nobody drop an actual bitcoin on our head. We learned about it through a digital system or service, and for that we can control it and use it. The physical world is an effect, almost side effect of what is happening on the digital one.

Once we are aware of our digital existance then we will be able to move forward with our ideas. Solving issues, building on platforms, creating services and making data and value move way faster.

We need to be aware that ‘flags’ are holding us back more than giving us identity. A quote that I always get reminded of is: “On the web we are all dogs” Meaning basically, that it really doesn’t matter, where we are from and it shouldn’t matter. Let’s move on and make an application for the internet and by the internet.

A good example is our own Satoshi Nakamoto. Does he matter if he is Japanese? That he is a he, or a they? Was his vision to help the people from Japan, the people from his hometown, to pitch to the local investor? Should we be more like satoshi and less like the ‘digital crusader that just learned a new trick‘?

Which series I am watching?

So I have been watching some fall series and they are good but I guess is a good enough topic to post about. So here it is.

For the time being I am not watching any Anime, but would love to show some of the other series I am watching. If you got any recommendation I am all free.

  1. The Good Wife
  2. Quantico
  3. Homeland
  4. Law and order
  5. Empire
  6. Being Mary Jane
  7. Dragon Balls Super
  8. NBA Games
  9. Flash
  10. Arrow
  11. Jessica Jones
  12. NBA shows (NBA Starters & Games)

This doesn’t include podcast, videopodcast, youtube shows etc.

So far this experience let me with a withdrawal syndrome specially when dealing with dump non-internet enable TVs. Last week I stayed at a friend house with a huge 60 inches TV, with satellite and good package from SKY. However for me it was completely useless and I end up not being able to watch anything. In the end we all have to stare at the phone. This give me the realization that modern TV had make traditional dumb TV basically the same as a radio to spotify. Is similar but sooooo different.

What’s your thought, and what you think of my viewing list.