Injury ghost and Cavs playoff matchups

So seems this year the tables are turned and injuries have gone to the west coast. Wtih Steph Curry, Griffin, and Chris Paul are both with injuries moving forward. Not to mention injury warning on San antonio with Albridge. Now we see that the powerful west could get some humble pie as they reach the finals.

While this time around Cavs are looking not only healthy but recovering. Mo Williams is back on the active list, and even if there are some bumps on LeBron’s mild ankle twist, he will have a good week to recover. At the same time Kirey looks more than healthy and Love seems to be pretty active.

The rest of the East seems healthy enough but to be honest not many people are optimistic on other team than the Cavs making the finals. I think that they will reach the finals in record time and will be fully rested.

Keving Love is finally posting.
Keving Love is finally posting.

So the way Cavs are reaching the finals is with a lot of posting, with Love finally down the block and LeBron actually posting up from the 3pt line makes the whole game evolve more to an East coast style of play. We’ll see if this is the right strategy for teams like Hawks and Raptors, given that the Playoff goes with no serious upsets. But even Heat with the powerful frontline with Hassan and Amare, however if Bosh is back, there might be an real concern.

Joey Crawford conspiracy

Don’t you love when a conspiracy is debunked, many of the LeBron haters been constantly hinting that LeBron fixes the games and that the NBA is behind it. All thanks to the referees, since most fans only know one name, they all try to use him for their memes. And that’s the birth of the Joey Crawford Conspiracy. Let’s face it, when LeBron loses, the haters are waaay to busy to remember who was the referee. But when he wins, oh boy, every single piece of the game is used to disqualify LeBron’s legacy.

However don’t you love when someone actually go into the numbers and tries to pull out the true stats? Well someone did in this case and the results couldn’t be more opposite to the myth.

Contrary to popular belief, James was winning percentage dropped by a pretty solid margin (from .669 to .521) in games in which Crawford was an official. Though it’s an admittedly small sample size, I would have to say that any notion of Crawford being biased towards James would have to be thrown out the window.

Stats of LBJ winning percentage on games where Joey Crawford officiate. Complete Opposite.
Stats of LBJ winning percentage on games where Joey Crawford officiate. Complete Opposite.

So in the end, memes such as Joey using LBJ team jersey as the 6th player on the floor. Or LeBron kneeling before Joey should be shoved with this stat.

In the end is no surprise that haters gonna hate. But at least we could make their hate more legitimate.

Source: Truschoolsports

First post of the year

King demanding changes

Before it becomes too late, I want to make my first post of the year, hope more will come and start getting more content in this blog.

First thing my phone showed me as I was waking up  was a pretty bad news, LeBron James won’t be playing any games for the near future. Mainly because of a knee and back soreness that will have the king in suit for the start of the year.

A lot has been talked about LBJ and his ‘soreness’ and have been question that there is some friction between him and management. Last night I was listening to Jalen Rose during his show at Grantland when he mentioned a peculiar play where LBJ seemed to be a bit fed up and shoots a 3pt from midcourt area. Hence deciding to forget the play and just do his own personal in-game horse play. I tend to agree about it sent a signal specially after trying to do the same on the very next play.

Then the news article about him stating that he could walk off the team if things don’t start to look better, it means at least that he has a Championship or bust mentality.

It’s now clear that he is taking this seasons seriously and he wants to see some heads rolling before moving forward. Varejao’s injury might have been the drop that spill everything and without his favorite playmate, he is finding himself with a team on crutches.

Sure, is still early on the season, but this is exactly where decisions need to be made. Proof is the Rondo, and Josh Smith trades that gave Dallas and Houston a makeover. If someone big don’t replace Varejao soon, the Cavs might be facing many challenges from all angles.

I think that the Cavs will have to make something soon to keep Lebron happy, maybe dropping out of the 8th seeds will put the fire he needs for the administration to respond.

King demanding changes
King angry at management

Heat about to take over

LeBron James
LeBron James driving to the basket over the tower of Roy Hibbert.

Interesting couple of weeks for Miami Heat – Indiana Pacers back to back match up over the weeks. They have been like two tales of the same movie. From the initial dominance of the team and then cooling off enough to finish the game loosing.

LeBron however was a story that started on the previous game wtih an accident on her ankle and a gametime decision whenever he would play or not. Of course many people knew he wouldn’t miss this game at all.

The game was excellent specially when you analyze how the Miami Heat came about, as the Pacers started dominating the tempo of the game.

Even if Miami was pick pocketing and generating turnovers like crazy, the real battle was at the foul chart. When Hibbert reached it’s 4th foul and got him out of the game, he was able to leave the basket and Flash really took advantage of it. The same goes to Bosh who step up and embraced his role and was able to outsmart Hibbert and take him out of the basket.

The most important part is that Miami is now breathing on the neck of the Pacers and could start the takeover of the east. With Oklahoma City doing the same on the west coast. The Thunder just much on the San Antonio Spurs and the only other team hanging at the top is the Blazers.

NBA is back, Miami Heat vs Atlanta

Yesterday the first game of the Miami Heat. With the awesome plays of Chris Bosh and a couple of highlights by LeBron. Even if it was just a pre-season game, it was a pretty awesome matchup.

From the start Miami remind the Hawks what Heat was all about last year. Stretching leads almost to 22 pts and with the a 4th quarter benched LeBron, this looks like the continuation of what last year game plan was.

Chris Bosh showed up with spinning moves and dunks and making 15 pts for the first half of the game, he errased his doubts of the 0pts performance on that last game. The boy can and will score.

Miami didn’t played Wade nor Birdman, UD and his new premier faces like Michael Beasely and Greg Oden. But they did show up and they did squashed the Hawks.

From Atlanta’s part they did played the Utah imported Paul Milsap. And he looked okay, he will definetly find himself accomodated with Al Harford on their front court.