Always up to talk about Basketball, Free software and Hiphop. I am always looking to have conversations and share opinions, from GNU/Linux, to Miami Heat and LeBron James, to Wu-Tang Clan, I consider myself a Fan.

Long time contributor of project, now Apache OpenOffice, I have been building a large curriculum on the project. From Marcon for Mexico and Spanish speaking countries, to Spanish project lead as well as BizDev, Education and Certification project. I have help companies migrate their office suites to ApacheĀ  OpenOffice. Helping them to save millions of dollars, and being able to reduce their total cost of ownership through a migration program that has been awarded for it’s achievements in the private and public industries.

Also long time NBA follower, I have been a big fan of LeBron James from his days in Cleveland up to now with the Miami Heat. I try to blog about my thoughts regarding the game.

Finally also a true headed underground hiphop fan junkie, you will find Wu-Tang all over my Facebook sites and such. Growing up in the 90’s and living through Wu-Tang and Wu-fam golden age, I have stuck to the sound that RZA builted as well as his colleages 4th Disciple, True Master and such.


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