Playoff are here now!!!

So yesterday was the first day of the **NBA Playoff**, and a a lot of series came up with unpredictable outcomes. Specially the Raptors and the Clippers. Even the Cleveland game was a close call for the defending champs, but let’s be real. Will any people really think Cleveland will be handicapped against the Pacers, Raptors or Celtics?
Cleveland is Deep and sure there is no Schumper on the floor and also no pesky Deli twisting people’s ankles and knees to get the ball. However the magnificense of King James will really show up when he shuts down the other team star, whenever is Paul George, Isaiah Thomas or DeRozan.

On the other side however, the LA Clippers are a disgrace to the NBA.

<blockquote>”Clips gonna Clip”</blockquote>

And they don’t seem to disapoint, they trash a game that had no star on the opposite team with a relative healthy roster and still manage to loose.

## Looking forward
We have a lot of matchups going on on the first round my picks are the following:

1. Bulls vs Celtics – Celtics
2. Cavaliers vs Pacers – Cavs
3. Raptors vs Bucks – Raptors
4. Wizards vs Hawks – Wizards

and the west

1. Warriors vs Blazers – Warriors
2. Spurs vs Grizzlies – Spurs
3. Rockets vs Thunders – Rockets
4. Clippers vs Jazz – Jazz

Of course the big if are Clips and Raptors, which are currently shooked but I think they can bounce back.

Crypto Revolution

This year has been great so far for Bitcoin, our group Bitcuners have kept on with the DASH proposal and got it succesfully renewed for another 3 months. The price of DASH went sky high and our podcast has been picking up more viewers.

I hope my writting has been better lately because now I am an editor of a popular Bitcoin news site. Doing work for the news site has eat a lot of my blogging time, however, the reward of having such a great platform on a topic I love, has got me so happy.

Our cryptocurrency group has grown well beyond it’s infrastructure (space) and we should be looking for a larger platform. We have been pushing our group on social networks such as FB and Youtube and we would be able to gain more viewers.

Bitcuners at Starbucks in Cancun MX

Hope we can keep growing into events and accesibility for everyone in the market. Here are some videos that we were able to shoot during the meetup, people enjoying their time and also interacting and learning.