Installing Phoenix tv through the Fusion app on Kodi

So during the @FLISOL event which by the way we had a great attendance. We were able to give a small talk about Kodi.  Kodi is well known on the open source community but maybe people from other communities or none communities might not know about it.

So the big promise is to convert your TV, any TV into a smart TV.

With the power of GNU/Linux, Kodi is a great embeded device capable of having the world of communication and information to any TV, digital or analog. Yes, the use of some addons you might be able to get channels from Japan to Jamaica or from Brazil to Botswana.

All these for the price tag of 50 dls (Raspberry + Hdmi cable). But in reality, the software is really where is at, since you might want to have a cheap hardware but without the software, it wont really work as good as it deserve to work.

Here is where the real power of open source software shines. Get all your channels in an open source fashion. No need of hacking pirate streams, or subject yourself to heavy advertising and viruses. Not only that but you can also bring digital content which has a higher quality of content to your TV. This is a true device for Internet TV. The biggest podcasts and shows from youtube are on your TV with one click. All your Youtube history subscriptions to favorite channels can be watch from your couch.

Kids can get their favorite cartoons, and their favorite shows pre-recorded and 24/7 available. Same as even the maids can watch their novelas. 

So enough sales pitch, what is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source software, that can be installed on any OS and has been ported to all architectures like Intel, Power and Arm.  OpenElec is a distribution that is specially tailored for Kodi. You can install it on your apple tv, your roku box, or your android device.

Installing openelec you will need an SD card, is as easy as using dd openelec.iso /dev/sdX (where /dev/sdX is the location of your SD card).

After installing you only need to boot from it to see the xbmc default interface. Go to System -> OpenElec and Connections will show you the hotspots around the location, choose your home wifi and insert the password and you are on.

You could load your media to the SD card, or over the network and that would be enough, however Kodi have a huge list of plugins and addons. With those addons you are able to find streams and pre-recorded shows from popular internet shows, such as TWiT.TV and Jupiter Broadcasting. Other big content websites like YoutubeUstreamDailyMotion will also be available and easy to reach.

There is also a bunch of independent media that you can have access to including classic creative common material like from Archive.orgWikimedia, Jamendo, Magnatune etc. Finally yes, Live TV is possible and PVR addons are also available. The IP-tv features the addon regarding addons including Addon Installer -> Phoenix.