Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Hypnotize’ Resurfaces On The Billboard Charts Thanks To ‘Dinosaurs’ Mashup

Interesting how internet culture can revive old classics. I was suprised that is up so high as number 38. I love this track and also had some funny scenes like when he say: “Your daughter is tied up in a brooklyn basement”.
Is a pretty good sync. and I enjoy the scenes, not to mentioned I used to like that show. Big ups to Biggie Smalls.


Notorious Big Born Again Cover

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or your internet was cut off for the last two weeks, you’ve surely seen the dad from Dinosaursrapping Biggie’s “Hypnotize.”

Well, Earl Sinclair’s video with the almost-too-perfect audio synching has helped propel Big’s classic onto the Billboard Streaming Songs chart. With the assist from the video, which has garnered almost six million YouTube views, the song is at No. 38 on the newest chart. Billboard reports that the 1997 cut garnered more than four million streams in the U.S. last week, up 633 percent from the previous week.

I don’t know if it’s because Frank White’s dinosaur counterpart is just as rotund as him, or because there’s a Diddy stand-in for the trademark laugh and ad-libs, but I just can’t get enough of the video. So, here’s another chance to watch a tree-pushing Megalosaurus say, “Poppa freaking, not speaking/ Leave that ass leaking, like rapper demo.”

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