Installing OpenERP 6.1 and 7.0 on the same Linux Box


After a few rants and raves thrown at the #openobject channel on IRC about why Ubuntu is not the only Linux in time. I was able to get solved some of the issues involved with installing different OpenERP instances and also remember some of the steps that were required to install a general OpenERP system.

First remember that most of the packages will come from PIP but in case some of the packages got issues is important to rely on your distro packages.

The first pain point could be setting up the postgresql database. I experience some issues trying to run postgresql 9.0 and downgrade to 8.5. So first lesson learned is that both database work fine with OpenERP.

Another point is to watch out for the psycopg2 module, in my environment it was best to get it from my repo, since I use mandriva, I need to do:

urpmi python-psycopg2 python-imaging python-pychart

This allowed me to get the openerp-server server running. Another key thing here is to remember to open different ports, so is important to open like this:

openerp6/ –xmlrpc-port=1800
openerp7/ –xmlrpc-port=8059

This is important to get the correct applications running on the different ports. You will end up with localhost:1800 for 6.1 and localhost:8059 for 7.0.

One important thing regarding postgresql is that I wasn’t able to start the services as I should so instead I have to run the server manually doing the following command:

postgres -D /var/lib/pgsql/data/

Following the tutorial on installing openerp v6.1 on ubuntu, I should be able to get the services started from init.d.