Python Certification and O’Reilly

Today I saw this great conference about the Python certifications that O’Reilly (the company that does IT books) is offering through their school of technology.

A few month’s back there was a rather interesting discussion bout the value of a certification, and how many people disagree about the nature and the goals should be. However is good to know that there are some certifications available and even better that they are connected some how with an authoritative figure.

In this case The Python Foundation chairman is one of the designer of these Python Certified Class. This O’Reilly Webcast show the whole process and thought put into this program and how it can help many people that want to get into programming as we all develop core knowledge.

The video is here:

Some notes on the video are the following interactive Q&A and some key minutes in the presentation:

Min: 15 Biggest difference between Python and PHP? The use of namespaces to create larger systems.

Min: 17 Which toolkit (or UI) will the course include? Several frameworks like TKinter, PyQt y WxPython were reviewed. In the search for pragmatism we choose Tkinter, but in a way that is easily portable to Qt, GTK, etc.

Min: 19 The courses are credited by the University of Illinois.

Min: 23 How will these course help more experienced programmers? You can skip the entry-level classes although if you want the certificate you most take them at some point.

Min: 28 Explain the story on why The Python Foundation don’t offer the certifications directly and how data is not equal to knowledge and experience.

Min: 31 who do the grading? Is a combination of members of the University of Illinois and O’Reilly School of Technology.

Min: 32 Why does the Python course looks more involved than the PHP course? The approach to the PHP course is different and Object oriented is been reviewed further  in the course.

Min: 34 Sneak peaks on the second class? Second class would deal with testing and development. Things like unit testing.

Min: 36 deals with packaging and how to generate packages in Zip, tar, etc.

Min: 42 what kind of jobs can I obtain from these classes and certifications? Right now programming skills are very well marketable although usually is focused on programming jobs. However, we see these programming courses to extend to other disciplines like journalism, technicians, educators. Also the curriculum and portfolio of real code that can get you a Jr Developer position.