Back from NL

So yesterday I had a whole day trip back home, it was a bit long and tiring, but I finally landed to Cancun and got straight to bed. I find out my internet was gone, but was so tired that even fixing the modem was a bit of a hassle.

Now that I am back I also learned that the trip I made wasn’t as good as I first thought. Which is kind of a huge disapointment. I couldnt really understand what happened but it seems the whole trip was trap, which I did thought about it at some point.

 To be honest, I wasnt expecting such a blow back, at least not that fast. I am not sure what happened but seems that this was a very bad idea. Then again in the end I have to say I did enjoy myself, I got what I was looking for, a change of scenery, reuniting with old friends, and just a time to think about things ahead of me.

Now I think there will be a lot of acomodating things so I can resolve my inmediate issues. Hope it all goes well.