OpenOffice Development Documentation

Soon I will be doing some training about OpenOffice development. This gave me a chance to understand the way the office suite is configured and it’s documentation and support. The development of large communities like OpenOffice means that it’s pretty wide spread and there are bits and pieces from different  areas.

Since Sun was the original sponsor of the Suite most of the efforts went to their own language, which was Java, but there was also a strong community of Python developers as well as even Microsoft VBA developers that build bridges for C# and VBA through COM sockets.

One thing that I have been thinking about for a while is about the way documentation specially of things like the API should be treated like a live document. Not a wiki exactly but something that could be annotated.

So I made a petition to enhance the documentation with an annotation system that allow users to contribute with snippets. Here is an example of the comment posts showing on the documentation.