Homeland: crazy finale

I gotata say that I went to bed watching Homeland, a series about US espionage related to the war on terror. After that I listen to my episode of No Agenda while falling asleep. I gotta say that this is one of my craziest dream so far.

So pardon the spoilers but this is a mesh of Homeland, with a bit of Transformer and District 9 and a bit of Prometheus.

In the series, the main character is a marine that is rescue by accident during an operation to finally be reincorporated into the US political life, but the CIA find out he is a traitor and turn him into a double agent for the famous terrorist Abu Nazir.

The movies goes back between Langley Virginia, Washington and varios spots in the Middle east including Iran, Lebanon and such.

So in my dream, the rescued solider turned double agent gets flight to Iran, to a secure base. Only to find out an alien invasion starts. He turnes out to be a third agent really or rather the lost son of the Alien in Sector 8 which was transformed to a human by some alien machine (similar to the one found on the Fly movie).


He was expecting them to arrive to that spot so that is why he volunteer for the mision in Iraq to capture and kill Abu Nazir. During the invasion he goes into one of the ships and get turned into one of the aliens. However he found out thos machines are different and he can switch at will now between alien and human.


The invasion looks like the scenes of transformers I when the descepticons attack the US military base.

The first attack was swift, however the alien society was a war race that goes conquering planets from one to the next. They were used to war and they have really advanced technology, at the same time, they have come to idolize human culture. The recording fo human speech and human civilization had been turn into fashion items for the alien race. So it was weird how they were prasing the humans and killing them at the same time.

Brody (and a partner) who was the only ones that could speak back to the aliens in their lenguage got to trick them. It also help that Brody’s father was the commander of te alien fleet in charge of the planet invasion. So the day after the attack as he was being carried to give his report he manage to make a scene steal an alien soldier weapon and a ship, which he uses to excape the base.

He goes out to find and kill Abu Nazir, who was his capturer and torturer for many years (acording to Homeland). Abu Nazir was hiding on his secret chamber inside a dune in the desert. However the solidier (Captian Brody acording to Homeland) finds the hidden spot and gets there really fast with the help of an alien ship.

He enters the cave to find him praying, and finds that his son (a key character of Homeland) was alife after all, and that his killing was just a lie. Nazir explained that he was happy that Brody was alive and that he welcomes back into his life (in homeland Nazir was also Brody’s Islam mentor). Brody goes into shock and start crying on Nazirs sholder, Nazir hold him and say he forgives him.


Brody then just stand up, turn into the alien and blow Nazir into Pieces.

That was another cool part of “mafia style” scene of, I love you but I still have to kill you. Brody thens go to what it seems like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. And turn into a weapon dealer, where is a funny scene as he as his partner are negotiating with a Muslim war lord, he sell some automatic weapons and uzis. Broadi says “I want to keep my weapons afloat” as he point out a huge semi-automatic to the other side of the table,  but also hand the war lord a smaller AK 47 rife so he is also “level up”.

The he brings out more weapons, granades, his partner starts speaking spanish, turns out he wasn’t really arab but Argentinean, he justify himself by saying that catolic priests are a bunch of rats and crooks so he switch to islam that was one of the most funny moments of my dream. The war lord also was a counterfeiter so even if the deal was closed all that money turned to be fake anyway.

Eventually Broady goes back to the US which is also under heavy attack by the alien forces, taking over the cities and blowing the air force planes and drones into pieces. Broady however did love humans and decide to help them out not get completely analyated so he takes over NBC and starts talking as he switched from human to alien and explains how the alien forces can be beated. A new series of weaponery is created to fight the alien forces which looks a bit like a smaller version of Star Wars aircraft. 


Unfotrtunately I woke up for the final battle, but I guess the logical finale was that the humans win a battle enough to gain respect from the alien forces and avoid complete analyation.