Tical vs Mr. Mef


I was talking today about the evolution of Meth. Pretty interesting how the vintage meth image was that of a more dark synester psychopathic emcee. While later became more as a junkie emcee (with Redman). I wonder who you think it was a better meth? Or if you have a theory of your own.

His flow has also change, from the more flowing type that you heard in tracks like The What, to a more faster rhymer like Gravel Pit or Da Rockwilder.

Meth more slow, melodic flow from the 90’s.

Meth fast spittin style that came in the 2000’s.

Of course from day one Meth was known as the man with different styles. However the original Tical never really came back. Tracks like Vibin’ just never really sound again.