Conference in Colombia

So here are my slides that I did for the conference in Colombia about Free Software communities. I blog about this in the past, but I think this should evolve into a whole new conference, and this is what I did. I had a conference specifically targeted at motivating students to get on their buts and start typing code, release it, and type some more.

In escense is simple:

  • You are prepared
  • Get coding
  • Put it on a forge
  • Approach developers

Then it get more interesting:

  • Learn how to coo-mpete
  • Fork as a way of life
  • How to govern your community
  • Setting the project free

Some questions however were more on the lines of doing code for money, but in reality you build code cuz you are that good. And code could make money if you are smart enough. Code will at least get you a job, or push you form a company.