OpenOffice logo concept

Here is some logo concept step by step, I started thinking out of the box ans looking at the OO to the core of the core of the visual identity. I tried doing a infinity symbol on a watery/feathery way:




Talking about the Internship program from oooES

This week I would be doing some talks about the programs for the schools about opportunities for students that want to make a difference in their carreers by participating on the programs within OpenOffice for schools.

I also did a pretty funny video advertising the OpenOffice internships. Helping the open source community and their carreers as they move forward.

Practicas virtuales by jza on GoAnimate

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Rough month


Ever since the end of summer I’ve been having some rough weeks. A lot of opportunities had been vanishing right when I thought I had a deal. Actually too many opportunities, from University contracts to training gigs to even employment jobs. I think I might be to blame except I can’t really see what I am doing wrong. Next moth is critical, I have potentially 2 more training gigs and a huge sale meeting that can put me on a different financial bracket. I hope this can go through smoothly, otherwise I might be looking for a very cold winter. And I live in Cancun.

This vim guy made me feel like a rook

This week I was able to watch a great talk by a VIM guy who went to town on how to use VIM. I consider myself a GNU/Linux power user. Experienced enough to say GNU before Linux and know enough to watch my daily Linux news, and weekly FLOSS podcasts.

However vim is one of those tools that I use everyday but I always feel guilty how lazy I am to not try some of the zillion of keystrokes like many of the ones showed on this tutorial. I found tons of keystrokes that I could very well use on my file editor.

So here is a list that clearly got my attention:

  • w for word advancement
  • a to add a new character after the cursos instead o at the current place like i
  • e: to eliminate as opposed to x
  • f: to find something within the line, this is awesome
  • .: to repeat the process recorded
  • c: for copy
  • and so much more

I end up wanting a part two fof this tutorial and download it for later reference.

The cross continental wedding


So yesterday I had a bunch of dreams, one of the most relevant and fun ones was about renting a party plane from Cancun to Amsterday. The party was happening in the plane while it take us all through the Atlantic night.

The idea was to take off from suny and sandy Cancun to cold snowy Amsterdam, and then go to do some winter stuff, all while partying in the middle of the air.

The flight had some dance flooor and lights, and the upper lougage were removed so it actually people could walk around.

There were couches as opposed to regular air seats and also some wall hangers for stability.

The idea was pretty cool and I get it stuck in my brain.