My view on personal blogging

Recently a friend of mine started a personal blog, while another abandon her blog to pick up microblogging on Facebook. This made me start to realize the overall goal of personal blog. Who should be the audience? What is the reaction that the author should expect?

Sometimes a personal blog don’t need an audience, maybe the audience is a the author itself, in the future. Something like a diary, or just  to describe your thoughts and feelings at that time.

However thoughts and feelings vary a lot, you can be as shallow or deep as you want. And sometimes what you think is important at the moment, might not be as important in a few years. The professional experiences like breaking a new milestone might not be very relevant as describing that day’s mood.

I started blogging about my dreams that day since I think it was the perfect example of something so personal nobody else in the world can tell you about it and also sometimes is so unique that it would be hard to even invent it.

Blogging your fears, accidents, passions and traumas is also a bit of original and also makes you feel a bit more relaxed.

So going back to why is blogging still relevant on a world taken over by micro-blogging and social networks, sometimes you want that less relevance with people close in your life but still keep the door open for everyone to take a look into it.