Hunger games – my version

Today I have been dreaming about a distopian world were we live in a futuristic prision state. Thanks because I was listening to No Agenda. A podcast that is increasily becoming more depresive, also a less related trans-government ban on the mermaid discovery.

The dream was interesting, hot girls as prisionmates, super strong enforcerers. And a series of futuristic pleasures to spend time while we are retained.

Also escaping this artificial world throught he thick isolation through an uatomated and efficient prision. Let some bad guys be able to understand the system to be able to escape, except in my dream an update wasn’t detected and resulted in a casuality in my movie-like dream.

Funny enough there was plenty of sex, I guess when u can’t do much inside prision, and hot mixed cellmates, sex is something that serve as one more distraction.

Usually you get some penalties that are some kind of torture, like advanced psycological weapons that don’t shoot anything but then the target experience a lot of emotional and mental breakdowns and extract their memory into the shooters to be able to know all the details of a possible plan.

So doing a run out of prission was interested as we got caught and then torture in a stargate portal-like tie to face a bunch of enforcerers with special tools to provide some kind of psicological whips that emulate experiences. My friends descide to rescue me, and they go to fight them but unfortunately one of my friend gets beat to death as they finally get me off where I was tied and brought back.

Till the next dream, I think this was one of the more complex and creative dreams I’ve been with.