Accidents happened

Well this pasf dream has been a new one on the scale of weirness. I guess I only remmeber the accidents but I have 2 kinda odd accidents. The funny part its that made me remember yesterday dream that also included another accident. So I was in my parents house with them and my brother, which is not as usual to dream myself in my home environment.

So first and most scary one was that I got attacked by the killer spider. While I was cleaning the room I tried to get rid of some of the dust acumulated on the room between the toys. As I was dragging this rather thick bed of duste down the floor, a spider comes out and threw a web  back to where the toys were. I tried to kill it by the swing of the book, will blow the spider away and will get lost to my eyes since the background was as dark as the spider. Not only that but the spider have no problem webing and crawling back to the toys which was closer to me until eventually is over me and I made a clear target for an attack.In the end I didnt got attacked but definitely frustrated and a bit scared.

My second accident was even more odd, I think I was close to peen. I was being called but I have a very sharp urge to pee. I dunno how I resolve in my mind but I make it fine to pee on a position the stream will go straight to a sewer. However I miss handle myself and my whole clothes gets damped. Since I was back home, I could just wash it. However I lost the shorts and dont get it back till later on that dream.

The reason why I was called was because my dad couldnt find the car and wonder where I put it. I was remembering what i did last night but couldnt remember much except that the car should be there.