Dreamology 101

Today I have a double dream, after a long night of movies and partying my dreams were pretty good. Both related to high school days, however the last one is the only one I kinda grasp. There was some fun about this dream, but I cant really get the details.

As I woke up a friend of mine told me about trying to achieve lucid dreams, which is when you realize that they are dreams. Firt I learn about lucid dreams talking with my ex gf Irina a few months back when she told me she was experience a lot of lucid dreams.

So what could you do with lucid dreams?

Well, I would for start gain self awareness. Which is great! Read on for the benefits.

So my friend shared me a 9gag image about steps to gain Lucid dreams, and what surprise me is that I am already somewhat half way there. So what would be needed to achieve this is only pay more attention.

So read on and let see if I can achieve these lucid dreams.