The Start of a new Dynasty in Basketball

Welcome to this new blog about professional basketball, one of my favorite sports ever. I and even if the timing is a bit overdue I hope this blog will be a great one that fills the need for basketball junkies like me well fed. Even if the season is a few days to be over, I bet there would be enough activity during off season specially with the Olympics coming up and a very active rookie season, free agency and more.

But first thing is first, and the raise of a new dynasty is well under way. Welcome to the LeBron and the Miami Era!! One of the most controversial figures in sport is starting his kingdom in basketall. There is no doubt he is good since a very early age, and the fact that took nearly a decade to achieve this championship is almost mindblowing. The chosen one has been a bumpy election with many disappointing crashes, his crashes with Celtics and the rising rivalry versus Chicago and Orlando was something that LeBron had to endure through out his recent years. Forcing him to leave his town into one of the hardest transitions in the history of the game baptized with the name “The decision”. But beside all the scrutiny he finally is just 24hrs to finish this journey. Did he deserve it? Is well overdue.

This means that a new dynasty would come to town? Miami is repeating their finals competition in 2 straight years. The closest competitor is the Chicago Bulls with a Rose that might not be eligible for another 11 months and might not be in top shape once he is back. Thunder will still be there, and Spurs as well, but just like the Lakerrs, this are pretty old teams that might not be as potent as the Heat. There is also the talent attention the team will get by stars that want to end up their hall of famer careers with a ring, just like Barkley, Drexler and Malone did in the late 90’s. Think about Steve Nash or maybe a not so old center like Dwight. The Heat as a champion offer a bigger platform than other cities in the US, and could become something that many basketball stars would consider. The promise of multiple championships still well underway and repeating doesn’t seem so odd at the moment. Clippers, Grizzlies and Denver are still under heavy development, and some of the upper elite like Spurs are clearly on the downhill.

But lets go back to where we are right now. The finals are 3-1 and a coronation might happen in 24 hours from now. But right now is still business, and the Miami Heat still need to play for 48 minutes one of the quickest and most unpredictable teams in the league – The OKC Thunder. So what will the weather be tomorrow?

Miami is looking impressive, but the way they reach this game wasn’t at all. First they were down by 17 on the last game, and LeBron showed signs of fatigue as well as Wade got hurt pretty bad. Also, the effort that Miami had to do to win this one was astonishing. Even if they had somewhat control of the game, Westbrook came guns blazing on the 4th and was keeping OKC alive until the last 2 possessions of the game.

Close games have been a constant through out the series and that means that is anyones game in the end and can be counted on the mental breakdowns and heroic plays. So for game 5, we can expect another close one and a 4th quarter tie at some point. But the ability to close games has been constantly on the Heat side. Is clear LeBron would do anything in his power to get this done tomorrow and it should be something amazing to watch.