Miami Heat goes up 2-1 in the Finals

The game is just over and I think that they did a great job in the 4th by scoring clutch free throws. The ending was a bit ugly since the offence just looked broken and it seems that the team that gets a break from the foul line.

Highlights of the night was the double 3 point fouls to come back from a 10 point deficit. LeBron on a final breakaway layoup against Durant. And overal clutch free throws by Bosh and LeBron.

Dwyane also had some bad turnovers specially the steal that put OKC too close to be ok with it.

However, some tough things to digest was seen Heat not building that same cushion against OKC. Also being underscored when reaching the 4th quarter after barely surviving a bad 3rd quarter.

  1. Another thing is a constant which is the isolation basketball. This generate LeBron to do bast last second shots and commiting 24 sec violation.
  2. The whole issue about slowing down the attacks to the rim and packing the paint so that the Heat reduce their field goal percentage. 
  3. Struggle defending against point guards which penetrate the Heat defense with relative easiness. Specially Harden and Westbrook pulverise the defense.
  4. Lack of paint traps, usually Heat make a lot of steals on the paint, but I haven’t seen that in most games.
  5. Rio has disappeared from this series, he was playing great versus boston with his runner up layops and teardrops. But i havent seen much excpet one play against Ibaka on the 3rd.
  6. Turnovers Turnovers Turnovers!!! They have to stop. Protect the basketball, and probably stop isolation plays.

If Heat wins the next one, it could set the tone for a championship. However is the turn for OKC to play desperately. Can the Heat stand the OKC offense? Can the Heat bench get hot again?

However the game was fun and also great basketball. I had some facebook memes myself and others that were posted by NBA Memes on Facebook. I personally enjoyed the Harden flopping meme, Boshsaurus vs Durantsaurus is also a funny one to remind people, Battier heroic references and finally the referrees mess ups. Here are some of the memes I posted.