Cloud machines and HAARP

This was a pretty bizarre dream, being in a city near Mexico City I leave my precious Cancun and hang during the final hours of the night looking for something. Wtih my backpack full of clothes and looking for a taxi around 3 am. I am trying to find a bus that will take me to Taxqueña, another fictional city close to Mexico City but not close enough.

At the first hours of the morning I go to a supermarket asking for a way to get a bus ticket but nobody really had an answer on how to get there avoiding the morning traffic on the regular high ways. So I come to this park where has a elementary-secondary school and I start seen kids coming up from everywhere, and it seems they are arriving to class. As I walk through this school building I start hearing some nice HipHop (Method Man, You are all I need). Then I walk to a corridor that leads me to a closed room with some paint on the glass talking about HipHop special group. As I approach the door I start noticing all this sport gear around, like banners and trophies and medals. That’s when the doorbell sounded and some older kids start coming through.

Then I saw what seems like a friend and she start talking to me about how they need more support from the school. That’s when I ask her if she was the Dj playing that tune. She said that she was but she can only play records and she can’t mix or put his own thing.

That’s when I start seen something that caught my attention. These massive dark clouds approaching the highway. (I have no idea but seems like we were in an classroom of the school that have a view toward the highway that pass along the park). But these storm clouds were coming through at land level, even a guy step in the way of one. It was somewhat magestic. Then we saw some brown smog clouds, and we joke that’s Mexico city’s farts. But the cloud kept moving and mini tornadoes were starting to form.

That’s when we decided to get out of there, and even thought I gave up about trying to get my tickets since it seems impossible to go from one city to the next wtihout going through Mexico City, I decided it wasn’t worth it. What is funny is that I really never realize why I was going there on the first place. I just thought I needed to go but had to be quick. Anyway she told me to text her if I wanted, and I was like OK, then, shit I dont have ur number. Eventually I caught her and gave it to her and on we went our separate ways.


The girl was cute and remind me a romanian friend that I met in real life. She actually acted a bit like her as well. A bit tomboish but really cute. Also remind me of a cute roomate I had here in Cancun. She weared a baseball cap backwards, and I didnt really notice her hair. I like the fact that she was more a producer than a rapper, since well sometimes is better to talk about technology of things. He had a small mpc like device which was like half an organ, and filled with other nobs and levels and a small LCD screen. It looked pretty nice.

Anyway Life is good, a bit terrifiying but at least not for me right now.