OpenOffice near to 5 million downloads


After the release of Apache OpenOffice less than a month ago, the software is soon to reach 5 million downloads. Great news for the Open source ecosystem. Since Apache acquired and the fork of LibreOffice came to the light, it seems open source was a bit gloom over the idea of having one of the biggest software pieces face a delay on the development and also the image of Oracle being aggresive once again against open source.

However after almost a year in development and a lot of work seprating the licensed dependencies in OpenOffice to make it compliant with the Apache License. became Apache OpenOffice and the 3.4 release finally came out.

The news has been sensational once again and a lot of recent enthusiasts on providing help and support of the use of OpenOffice.

So what is new in AOO 3.4? Well for once there are some of the expected updates that appeared on LibreOffice 3.4 and 3.4. However some changes seems aparent on the Toolkit and on the overal UX, including the graying out of fields. I am not sure I am in love with this yet, but it was aparent that change has taken place on the new version. There were also some new functions in calc included and some works from the interns that were integrated as the CWS was merged.

For more information please join the mailing list and if you want to contribute to the spanish localization please join the mailing list.

At the moment I am having a few volunteers and seems to be slowly making inroads in the heave workload we have in the spanish community to keep up with the documentation project and the localization of the software.