Heat Unstopable


Sorry for not blogging lately, but the Miami Heat has been Unstopable. With Lebron James and Dwyane Wade stomping on the face of the Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics. But wait a minute, Boston Celtics?

Yes I wasn’t really expecting much from the old green Celts, so what happened?

Well the Celtics seems to re-juvenize versus the Heat. Since the somewhat mediocre performance against the Sixers, the Celtics actually start playing against the Heat like no other team. It actually became a serious problem for the organization and was one step from elimination.

Everybody was expecting a Bulls vs Heat duel to the death, but instead we got the old green Celts from Boston scoring like they were D Rose, and Noah.

LeBron Night was BIG!! Scoring 45 points on game 6 versus the Celtics. Before he also had a 40 point game and 18 rebounds versus de Pacers. But it was a great IN YO FACE!!! performance against ctirics and players alike. For people that was doubting LeBron as overvalued. He did performed like no one else could ever on the opposite team. I mean Pierce is good and all and Rondo had a big night on game 2 but 41pts /18 reb/9 assists, his greatness was only compared with Wilt Chamberlain (althought I do remember Michael Jordan scoring 63 on the celtics and 50 pts against various teams including the Cavs).

But this was LeBron’s night. And the way he went about it was astonished.


Well fast forward to now and the Heat are on the Finals against OKC. A match some people say was matched in heaven. Too many similarities, both teams are fast, both teams are strong, Kevin Durant was the MVP runner up and scoring champ. LeBron IS the MVP and also leading the performances in the NBA up until now.

Not just that but they are already out of the first city with a split series 1 to 1. Thanks to the support of the bench from OKC and the wonderful performance from Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade from the Heat.  Game 1 came through for the Thunder, while Game 2 was all Heat almost for the entire game.

It has been a fun playoff trip. I enjoy it personally, going out with friends to the Hooters and also just having fun on facebook with all the NBA memes I had posted. Here are some so you can have a laugh.