Starting early, FLISOL 2012


So this is a new year and I hope that we can get the wheels rolling about FLISOL. This year FLISOL will be happening on the 28 of April which give us room to perform. I hope that FLISOL this year can help me get even more exposure and make it able for everyone to participate.

The event consist on having many more people involved and have a good place to share the knowledge on the topics. But also to have a more long term vision about the project.

Looking forward to 2013 from now is something that I would love to do, and being able to perform a national event with stronger presence will make it much better not just for the event but for open source in the country as a whole.

I think that the communication channels need to get off the internet a bit and more into the mainstream so that more people are able to contribute for real.

This means that more talks about how to contribute would be a good start to get things on a higher level of deployment and awareness.

Hope to have a great celebration this year.