Is a Pizza party


When you see your friend on the cover of a book, you feel proud yourself as well.

This is what I fealt when I saw my friend Milo on the backcover of a book on APN (Advertising Page Networks). Talking about how to get started on web advertising, and athough it was a dream, it was so nice to see him, that I might drop him an email today just to see if he really went ahead and wrote one.

But hey is a nice dream right? I mean, it got better, and having fun with friends, when the computer lab turned into a whole party place, with friends eating pizza, seafood cocktails and chatting around stuff. I even end up picking the mic and dropping a few bars.

Yeah it was a short dream from what I remember, random conversations with friends to catch up with their lives but this wasnt mean tot be a long dream. After all, I already woke up earlier today, this was supposed to be a small nap. 🙂 So this is my latest dream, short and sweet.