Don’t call it a comeback

OK It’s been a long time, I’ve shouldn’t left you, without dope beats to step to..

Nah this is not a hiphop post, but is wall I could think to discribe mi hiatus from blogging this month. And is not because I havent had enough things to say but rather I have been plainly lazy. So, to make it up I will list here a list of topics that I will be blogging the following days including:

  • My thoughts on the Miami Heat, I think they are pretty tired since they are not being as consistent and are being dominated by weak teams.
  • Experience doing the Social Network workshop on education, pretty interesting evolution of the course as well as results.
  • FLISOL is here, wow already, well not really but we are starting early and we need to tackle some critical issues from past FLISOLs and get the wheels rolling for 2013. Yes! think long-term.
  • Sugar strategies, it seems that this year I want to put more weight on the sugarcamp and OLPC related projects. Thankfully we already got things started in the local university.
  • LA, DR, Panama, where to go in 2012?
  • I need Gas, yeah, this thing is starting to become a whole story with plot and stuff, I just need hot water.
  • Hactivism, SOPA, Megaupload, ACTA and my thoughts on the topic.

So stay tuned, I hope to blog as much as I can before the month ends.