International Playboy Problems

Now we are in some big problems after the international playboy just lost his groove. After a massive blowjob his dick just no longer work. His soul was sucked in by the last girl he would have thought off. Now he is lost on his way to Cuba through Mexico city trying to look for the magical herb that will help him step back up. But lets start from the beginning, after being in a mission abroad he met with this tall slim woman which was sweet and passionate about him. She and her daughter lived in the north part of the city and enjoy having him over almost every other day. That is before he had to realocate to another place. Meeting someone new and spending a new adventure he still try to keep a friendly relationship. With the new girl, she was wild, they had sex every other day and every other hour. She was insatiable. And that was the problem.

Now from all places we all rendevouz at the Airport and the electricity can be sense. The watery eyes on my ex as she hold tightly to her daugther as she talks to me and looks at my current gf. Is breaking my heart see her suffer like that, then again it result me a bit more surreal the way things played out.