Blogging from the bus

So yeah pretty bored right now since I am in the middle of nowhere next to an old stinky guy way passed his 2nd dream. But the insomnia maximuz here with irregular internet connectivity and just being 2am, make me want to chat with someone. So blogging is a good therapy at the moment.
It has been a while since I blog without a specific topic, these dream blogging has been alright and beneficial to my blogging consistancy. I hope december doesn’t go without some good posts.
So here is some of the things I have been through lately:
* So first some bad news, I got robbed, some nasty card clonning and debited around 800 dls of my account.
* interns has been a roller coaster, some has been excellent but other has been pretty sucky. However overal I have seen this project pretty positive.
* community itself has also has it’s up and down. Sometimes I feel a bit dishearting with all the way the comunity has completly manipulate this trademark against it’s own community.
* Xmass seems to be a bit private but I think I will have a good time. I really hope so.
* My life so far has been alright, I havent had huge issues so far. My needs and expenses are withing something controlled.
* My GNU/Linux skills have been a bit stagging although delivering this new course. I would probably keep researching over these topics such as the ERP, CRM and BI systems.
* NBA, excited about the new season. Can’t wait to see Lebron James rockin’ those rims.
* The local community seems to be ongoing now and well is good to see we are generating stuff, but I am a bit disapointed we haven’t grow that much.
Well I guess that’s all and I hope things pick up better on 2012.