Sorting out Transformers

So this seems to be a project now, I have been trying to sort out the Transformers series, specially fill in the holes on the storyline I watched as a kid.


So it seems to be a whole universe taken from the original transformers. The one that I remember was the original Transformers – More than meets the eye. Which now I understand was a mini series  consisting of 3 episodes.  Thanks to youtube I was able to watch the original series.

However Transformers in itself was a 2 generation series. Which I understand now is not what I thought it once was. From my point of view Generation 1 was up to when Optimus Prime and Megatron get replaced by Rodimus Prime and Galvatron. Which happened with the movie of the Transformers (the animated one). Which I sorely miss due to being a bad kid or my parents being to lazy to take me to it.

So now I find out that G2 wasn’t really there but later with a relaunch of the Transformers back in 92. But it was basically a rehash and remastered way of the original Transformers. (Need more clarification)

So G1 include the mini series, the movie, the new era, and also the Headmasters/Targetmaster which will evolve in Japan as a whole different series.

So G2 comes and goes and they return in 96 with Beast Wars, a series I did watch although not as religiously. The idea of Optimus prime as a Gorilla seemed odd. However Beast Wars evolved to Beast Machines which is a series I kinda remember hearing from it but never really watch it.


After Beast Machines, it came Transformers Armada which I did saw a few episdoes but the whole thing seemed a bit lost by then. I swaw a couple of shows and was excited about the animation which was cellshade but with interesting animation flow.

Transformers Armada evolved into Transformers Energon which is the evolution of Armada and then a new release is expected to be Transformers Cybertron, which I am still not sure if is what is now Transformers Prime


Probably need to put more research since there are also other transformers in between with Transformers the Animated series, Transformers Robots in Disguise (probably G2) and Beast Wars Neo.

 I will leave alone the transformers recent movies since that seems like a whole different storyline.