Merky green water

So today I had a very common dream, is almost a meme dream where again the ocean eats everything on site. So this one is about me attending some event in puerto vallarta, where the FSL (Free software event) was handled.
After an out of this world scenery with jupiter showing for most of the sky as well as other planets aligning like it’s 2012. We were enjoying a great dinner in the resort next to the beach when the whole tsunami started. Eating the beach and then splashing against the hotel. Waves of merky green water started crawling up on us. Our solution? Just close the window. Eventually some water got under our door but beside some wet shoes the ocean got back to normal and we were able to finish the event.
In the end I went back to beautiful cancun and enjoyed some quality beach. Most say the dream was kinda trippy but it was interesting I wasnt so shocked about the tsunami and felt it was meant to happen. Maybe that’s why I said it was a meme. I have had so many tsunami dreams that is almost like.. Off-course.