Street dreams

No is not the Nas track, or maybe it is. Life and death al mixed in this bizarro world of my head. This morning dream put an extreme picture of the high and low class neighborhood living next to each other. While my family upper class worked on getting babies and sometimes synced ones. The other one is dominated by gangs and contractors looking for prey to assasinate just for fun. They randomly spot you on the street and is on. My assasins where only two but suriviving my assasin only make more notice me in the process. 
It all started with a family trip when we spot back the car with the gang follow us and a quick game of loosing them through cut corners and alleys was enough to survive them. However individually I wasnt so lucky and on the streets only your feet can set you free. I ran through the crowd, the abandonned warehouse and the old apartment building. Only to come across another killing. Thats where the other two guys catched up and a sudden movement prevented from being stabbed on the spot. I dash through the stairs and off to a larger field full of people. Thats where the second group tried to spot me, these were runners, and they started to launch themselves like a football tackle. I zig zag enough to avoid the first one but the second one was able to put a hand on me. However is was able to reach the end of the park and jump to the fence near the pool and got away to my neighbor hood.
But that wasnt the end, after resting in the couch of my luxury house, the couple of killers broke in and found me instantly. They start robbing everything, taking a dump in my toilet and finally beating me up. That’s when the dream ended and slowly I woke up with a lazy WTF dream went on. It wasnt until the Mobb Deep track start playing that I realize how street novel dream I had. Street Dreams.