Race on the Rails

We have been trying hard to tackle the Rails framework and having people put it on their box and going through some tutorials on how to set up the web framework. I particularly are friendly with the framework but I should say that I am no Ruby expert. However it’s funny I actually was crazy about Ruby and Python back in 2001 when I was living in Boston. Now rails resurrect Ruby and Python well, it was always famous but Django gain massive approach as Google App engine adopts the framework.

I have since installed and update my Rails gems however django has also been put in my netbook. However, I should say ‘what a framework?‘.  I had the hardest time configuring, however the django framework I was gladly surprised with the great documentation included in the framework and the apps as well.

However I have been able to set up another two guys with the rails framework and even if Django keeps tickling the back of my mind, I am thinking now back in 2001 with these frameworks, having Django and Rails simultaneously take me back to those great geek days.

I think however, that even if this is a great hobby I should prioritize other things like the development of apps in the SugarOS as the lead of the OLPC Mexico tech team. I shoudl get more information on how to build apps in Sugar and get the new OS on the VM. So I think that maybe doing some sugar in the university could be a great angle to do with other people like Enrique from the University. Maybe some other guys might join on the future.

I think that the Tequila Valley Cancun will finally get a coherent development movement to start learning as a group and create stuff from a cohesive angle.

However the sad news is that the event that was pushing this Ruby movement was the cancelation of the Rubyfest. Due to lack of funds we decided it wouldnt be able to as attractive and too risky to finance the project. 😦

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