Random Updates

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog that much, so here are just a summary of random updates about my recent activities. I have been busy with a new event called RubyConf, which is a hackaton on Ruby on Rails to generate new projects.

The Rubyconf will happen in Cancun at the ME hotel, at least those are the plans but things could change as we move along. So far the project seems promising and also help us reinforce the ties with the local universities.

On other news, I have recently talked with my ex but she seemed she was pretty mad on me and wasn’t able to have a good conversation since she was feeling so bad.

I hope she get to feel better and eventually to her senses. I have also been on to Coatzacoalcos to give a talk on QA and other things related to software development and free software.

Speaking about OpenOffice.org I have seen many changes and proposals to change the trademark, the mailing list, forums and other things. This is a hard change for me since some of the situations seems a bit rushed. Maybe because some of the stuff is about the community being dismantle and also re-assembled somehow.