Rock the Bells

So this is my first post after the show and have to say so far the trip has been awesome, not perfect, but awesome indeed. First of was the great GZA throwing darts after darts from the liquid swords album.
The rhymes were on point and great rhymin at the top of my longues on every song. From cold world, bible, beneath the surface and with the great Mastah Killa, Killa Priest and RZA who came to perform the 4th chamber verse.
Killa priest also rhymed some of the heavy mental tracks, Masta had some great performance. Unfortuately I couldn’t shoot a close up with my new camera. But he was around all day since he showed up for Glacier of Ice later that night.

The Cuban Linx show was a bit strange and funny with ghost getting with the staff. Saying that the mics where unbalanced and they need better lightning. Dude was so picky that even Rae asked him if he wanted a sandwich with that.
In the end however the mics did really failed with raekwon’s mic completely failing. And Ghost being beyond mad he was like, let’s just say goodbye leaving the stage for real.

Another great show was immortal technique and the dude is not only so energetic but so right when talking about people in general. He asked about drugs during peruvian cocaine, about the harlem reinassance and finally about bin laden with mos def. He also presented really great DJs like hassam and Diabolic rhyming with the crew.
Eventually the event was great, lots of walking though as the sets where pretty far from each other. After several walks we were really exahusted. My legs were killing me and even my friend was holding me for extra support during walking. But we had a great time. Loved every minute and the girls in the show were gorgeous. New York has this wild mixes of cultures and nationalities so it was seen hot asians and hot blondes and so on.
I am glad I got to do what I always wanted and can now enjoy it.