#CPMX startup conferences

I want to share some of the conferences and panels that took place at the 3rd edition of Campus Party in Mexico city. Great conferences were delivered althought it wasn’t the greatest ever there is definitely an improvement in the way they were documented and also some of the dynamics that were given. One of the things that I have seen failed and failed again is the lack of startups and this session seemed to be more focus on entrepreneurship. The same could be said about social media. However development has been less atractive and some might say that there was small to no development going on.

The need for creating digital assets such as development is something that we consider important to the goals of the digital economy. Creating systems and software that can indeed improve the stance of the current lifestyle.

Here are some of the conferences that stood out on the topic of devleopment:


First one was a conference more focused on the eduction of entrepreneurship and using FLOSS as tool to entrepreneurship than FLOSS itself. I didn’t really got what I was expecting which was more of the tools that every entrepreneur most have and pay attention to. Nor was about opportunities in FLOSS world to innovate and build startups which was also another thing I was very interested. However the talk did focused a lot of enterprising something in Mexico and the unique challenges and how to handle them. The valuable bits were about social entrepreneurship, getting to know people but implement systems to process and manage the company and how to quickly act upon.

Another talk on entrepreneurship was also the struggles that entrepreneurs usually face and some of the lessons that have been learned through out the experiences on the panelists. Some of these we have already shared in our weekly geek meetups. Things like, understand capital, think globally and innovate fixing things that others haven’t done so. Also think on a more pro-active way on supplying and addressing the issues that everyone might have. Think in english and relate yourself with people world wide, not just on your national or regional language.

Other panels also talk about the issue of funding and the resources available nationally and internationally. How many of these fundings are for the right kind of startup and who can actually reach them. Not just the classic, look how much funding there is, but also how hard and unreal is such funding for the digital startups and most of the innovation comes through. Conference starts on minute 21.

Finally there was another entrepreneurial talk “off-campus” but that goes more close to home in my hometown. About entrpreneurship about not overcomplicate too much with our ideas and how to treat them.

The thing I recomend was about trying to broad the conversation with other entpreneurs as well as how to watch the innovation from other companies. Researching lots of startups and reading books on startup as well as podcast channels such as This week in Startup where you can learn how to evaluate ideas and how to know what are the parameters on think about startups.