#JuevesDeDesarrolladores the way of money

This thurday I had a great talk about attitude for creating things. Many people ask for too much permisions to start stuff. Others just come and take what they think is theirs, and I think that’s the real attitude that someone needs to get stuff done. From research to ask around and finally do a project for himself and others.

Is said that the entrepreneurs are usually obsessed people with an idea. For that you work and researh pretty deep into the available documentation regarding that idea. One of the things that people usually isn’t aware is about how to go about funding your idea. From creating a good planning of it, to knowing how and who to sell the project. There is also a street smarts that people need to start reading about. How can I make this project seems like something that you want to jump on it.

When you talk about business you talk about two things, the product and the money. Sometimes people get too focused on the product, but not the money or which models make sense for that model. To know which one is the best, you need to know how many models are out there. Here is where you need to learn how the money flows between startups, companies, investors and lenders so that you can figure out which one is the right one for you.

We talked about the poncy schemes and how sometimes there is a lot of that being played when you join a MLM or a even some community funding. What is called the “place” of money and which are the true agendas for some. From making money, to making a name to making quota to making money out of you versus with you.

Here is where you also need some financial education and references to learn how to figure out the questions and make the right decisions upon them. Usually a good search on Amazon will give you a few books, but also good blogs about the situations and even twitter and linkedin conversations might suprise you by how open people sometimes are.