When social is not that fun.

With the advent of google+ and the so called circles which is not much than lists. Not that different from all the other lists in GMail, Google Reader, Google Wave and Google Calendar. We get to categorize our content into diffrent colors, circles, groups, or whatever to be able to control our shared bits.

However, the question comes back to, what do we share? With streams giving me category-oriented streams (which is also availalable in facebook and twitter). I get to see by groups the value of whatever they share, unfortunately it also allow me to see the UNvaluable those shares become.

One thing I notice is that my mexican friends share a lot of crap. Even the geeks or so called geeks share really stupid posts. This is a reflection also of how they see the internet in itself. Do they see it as a educational, discussion, outreach or enterntainment platform.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet usually and mainstreamly is seen as entertainment. Lots of free music, and videos of lots of cats doing stupid stuff.

However that is not really what the internet is all about. There is also lots of porn which I guess is also advocate to entertainment. However the value of social, is meant to become an outreach platform to exchange ideas. At least that was the original concept of ArpaNet and later the BBS. Discussions, bulleting boards which in the end is exchange of information. Get together, put people on the same page. Discuss from entertainment itself to also get on more serious topics like the revolution of a country for example. The creation of new economic systems, comerce, and hook up with people from exotic places like Barbados or Malaysia. 

My question here becomes, are we just looking our share of my friends shares. Or is my network limiting itself to a very slim class of the whole internet is about.

Stupid stuff has been shared all the time, and this is just representing the chain lists stupidity poured into a social stream.

I still have visions through, from having a conversation about a movie on Justin.TV to sharing the newest emcee in youtube with the hotest tracks. I do have interesting conversations nevertheless, I do have great mailings lists on my day to day projects like OpenOffice.org, OLPC, and the different local tech groups like TequilaValley; also podcast based discussions like NoAgenda and even Keith and the girl.