Apache and it’s trademark future

Lately I haven’t talk much here about and what is going right now. However there are many threats that I have been participating and have woken up very defensive sentiments. One of these is against the trademark of After 10 years defending the trademark as the official The new Apache people are trying to diminish the trademark and change it in order to fit their view. Things like Oh most people I talk to say just OpenOffice.

That said, I have found that many people indeed are new to the project however, trying to change things just for change sake is really getting out of control. Right now most of our infrastructure is trying to be changed because is better for the admin. There are strong anti-php sentiments in the project. So having the Drupal, MediaWiki and other assets are a strong uphill battle against the Apache people.

Regardless of all that I think that the community itself is getting a new face and many people are starting to go further and further into the dark of the community. Louis suarez, is rarely seen on the Mailing list, even Peter Junge is also not as notorious. Other people like Hirano has mantain his presence from Japan and I hope there could be more Japanese contributors, and also Brazilian contributors like Jomar are also, for the first time. More participatory in the suite community (he is a strong ODF participant).

So this OOo community will not be like the past OOo community however some patterns are starting to show and I guess a long way will take place to become an OOo community and product.