Live from the tape deck

So no this is not a review of Skyzoo, then again, is not a bad idea for a post. However this was about my latest dream, a dream about an anticipation to what I want to get done in New York at the Rock the Bells.

So first thing is that I was right there, at the very front of the crowd. Also was full of people that was passionate of hiphop as well as me. One of the great stuff was hanging out wiht them and just chill with them as we gone through tunes and tunes from the DJ playing not just classics but really great variety.

So one thing I remember was haning with Raekwon and getting into some hiphop discussion about production. Nothing serious, basically some name dropping and suggestion.

Same thing happened when a track from Boyz II Men Remix came up and we discussed about the DJ that make that remix which was pretty great. Unfortunately I doubt many people will get into that in New york but this is my dream so step off 😀

Well another thing I liked was some hiphop garment shopping, with oversized Ts and sneakers. Of course we pick up like 2 or 3 caps. So in the end we were all garment up.

So the dream was not that large and was more an image than a story unfortunately. But still fairly enjoyable dream.