Contributing to OLPC Mexico and Free software Forum in Government

Lately I have been getting more and more involved wiht the OLPC movement not just in Mexico but in latin america. The goal is to help to create a more suitable group here in Mexico towards the development of applications for the Sugar environment.

So far we have had a couple of meetups with some of the initial invitees, including the coordinator: Mariana Cortez and a bunch of guys from Social Media Club.

At the moment I have manage to localizae the Developer manual wiki, there still many strings to translate but at least the structure is somewhat complete with localized pages.

The next attempt is to fully translate each page, I hope that more people stand up and help me acomplish this.

On other note, two days ago there was an interesting event about Free Software in the government house. This included the talks of many big free software personalities including Richard Stallman. Some of the topics range from ACTA, DRM, Internet rights, Educational projects and many more topics relevant to stablishing a digital agenda.