Dunkin’ your way back to Miami


Tonight game was great with the Miami Heat playing just great defense thanks to an old soldier. Udonis Haslem got back to the lineup to wow everyone in Chitown and in the whole league. Wow Haslem was the missing piece on this new Heat.

He is the Kendrick Perkins for the Miami Heat and I think he is what they need to get the frontline at pace with the rest of the Heat offense. Just imagine LeBron and Wade driving the offence while Anthony and Hasslem the defense.

Regardless of that I think that this effort was a great one by Miami and they are looking much better and controlling the series back into Miami. Rose has been under control and also Korver hasn’t been hot lately.

Miami most have their bench answer back, get some 3’s from James Jones, and some efforts by the frontline to boxout the Boozer-Noah combination.

However the best weapon from the Heat is the runaway dunks generated from great D annd I think that LeBron and Wade got that shit on-lock. Just by counting how many dunks this past game, let see, there was two by LeBron then Haslem, then Wade, then there was the alley-oop and the dunk on Rose face from Haslem. Ouch..