Bed bug for hire

Today I had a very odd dream actually a bit corny. It was about a frat party house or something similar that they caught a bed bug, and since they got it, they let them stay as long as no other bed bugs come thru. The reality is that this was no bed bug but still accept the challenge to avoid getting squashed. So the real bed bugs are looking for a place to crash. The whole dream like I said was pretty corny, althought now I am remembering more parts of the dream, it seems thatI was also with my friends on a type of high school gathering and we were blasting some music. I was laughing cuz they couldn’t pronounce the name of artists like Benie Siegel and Talib Kweli.


Also I was trying to confess to this girl, or maybe I was more like an expectator that used to date, and they fake having sex but they came to believe they actually had it.

Another episode of my dream I was trying to fly myself back to Mexico looking for my Ex. I wanted to grab that plane but my lougage was missing and I neeeded to take that flight in order to reach her. It was a bit emotional part since I also remember going from hugging to kissing to recognizing that we should have never splitted.

All in all it was a very bizarre dream, and I guess I am not doing it any justice since I am just randomly selecting scenes from it. However it was a nice dream collectively, and well I do think it was a corny dream. I got a high school dream musical type of dream. At least is better than some of the nightmares out there.