Heat move on to the championship

Great post-game conference, LeBron James giving Dwayne Wade the props and the vision to come together along with Chris Bosh. The Miami HEAT is going to face the Bulls and then probably the Mavs. So still quite a few more highlights to do before the championship. But a bit lump has been passed. Dallas seems like the top dog in the west and the Heat has struggle quite a bit with them including that that huge beat down at the beginning of the season. But this is a different Miami Heat team and it is ON NOW!!!


LeBron couldn’t said it better when you have your best friend right next to you to have your back. There were many +30 plus games in my career and I lost those games. But now is the vision that comes around and the desire for winning.


With Lakers out, the season is somewhat strange and even if the Boston Celtics are not going anywhere or the LA Lakers aren’t going anywhere next season. The Heat will also keep maturing their squads and playing even better.


It was a great series and is a thrill I haven’t look forward since the Bulls vs the Knicks.