Alien invasion

Today’s dream was about going with the taxtical forces and living in a space colony. While at the same time getting into trouble with some thugs employed by the admiministration of the ship. All because I had my puppy with me.
Not sure how or when that puppy became a girl which we also ran away from me after avoiding a beat down by the thugz and facing armed officials.
We blend with the crowd and got lost into movie places withing the colony, eventually avoiding them.


Not sure if it was the same ship I found myself joining the earth defense forces. With a huge space hovering a sea side while this whole squad of army vehiecles carrying the troops.
Now that I think about it I wasn’t joining but going to the beach closed by.
When we hit the beach I got on those parachuttes that hang yourself over the beach. The elevation was too high to simply jump into a dive but I got kind of stuck up there.
This was a crazy dream, later I dream about going face to face versus the alien forces, thwre waa two types of soldiers, the regular ones and the armoured one. The funny thing is that we were able to shoot down the armoured once we found their weak spot.
Not sure what happened in the end to bw honeat but it was a fun dream I guess. Very robotech-esque.