New music – So far, so blazin’

So on my last hiphop post I talked about a target list to check out and I most say I am really impressed. Particularly with two artists. Apollo Brown which is an awesome producer and the group The Left which is also put out a great album.

Other great surprises was to listen to Little Brother, The Roots and Evidence from dilated people putting new stuff out there.

Other underground stuff like Dirty Hank and his latest EP which by the way I am loving the title “Dirty Hank’s Guide To Giving Up”.

There still a lot of music to go through. I most say Rozewood was somehow a bit disapointing, just wasn’t what I was expecting, althought the beats are quite good. Specially Mistakes which had that same soul track from Rae/Ghost.. very Wu-esque.

Still a lot to comment many groups to meet, Black Milk and actually listening to some of the Old news like Joel Ortiz and Atmosphere on the ToDo list.