Mistery girl and doomsday

This was a single dream, but change a bit dramatically. First there was this quest for this mistery girl, I dream my mom asking me for a girl that was somewhat of a celebrity in school and I saw that most of her pics was with me.

I couldn’t remember the girl however, and since she didn’t have the picture I was like, interesting, I dunno her. However I started researching on her and was like trying to get through my friend network how did I end up with her on the images.I got close to figuring out who was but eventually something else caught my attention.

The big stellar sky and seen 3 different moons on the sky. What my mind start working was that 2012 all planets align and what we thought was a moon was really all the planets coming close to the visual spectrum.


I woke up with that idea in my mind and had to download Kstars software just to check it out. I was pretty much facinated with the idea of multiple planets showing up in the sky. Unfortunately the tool is too exact and I end up having to see that it wouldn’t be possible for us in Mexico to watch the event since it will happened in a different latitude.

On the back of my mind there were all this astrotheology theories about alien invation because of the closeness of the planets and the hability for organisms to jump from one planet to the next. Still an interesting way to view this.