Pies and blowing up the bridge

Not much I remember from my dream yesterday except it was delicious I remember being in a buffet and being offered pie and I couldnt resist cuz they were all different berries. From strawberry to raspberry and finally blueberry. So what to do?

Well I got a bit of them all. Not too much but enough to have a happy desert session. Happy dream buffet.


The next dream was a bit more shocking, this one I was a terrorist. But not the usual muslim kinda terrorist but more of a street gang kind of group but with money. Something like the A-Team or Ocean’s 11, that decided to blow up a street bridge strategically.

What I do remember is the way they were fixing this huge bridge wasn’t really sautered or anything it was just hold by big blocks of unicell. Which I thought it was hillarious, nothing was broken it was just reattached. I think that was the crazy part of the dream.

I do remember that I was trying to scape and fly back home and was planning and aliby.