Getting back in touch with 2010

For all the hiphoperish thing that I have been trying to crawl back into, I have missed a lot of hiphop last year. I guess that staying in a Wu echo chamber has isolate me from other type of hiphop. Not that is necessary a bad thing, but also I have heard a lot of rappers from people that I have respect for, yet I have not taken the time to listen to them. What is worth, some others, I DO know them but I haven’t put the time to listen to their latest material. So this post is dedicated to them. I will try to do a checklist and try to listen to as much of their work as I can during the following days. A post I want to reffer to in particular is this extensive list that go through them from the very top to the very bottom.

  1. Celph Titled & Buckwild – I know Celph and know his work, but haven’t really put the time to listen to this album.
  2. Roc Marciano – Also heard of the cat, but I dont know him yet. Youtube candidate.
  3. Apollo Brown – Also another youtube candidate.
  4. Black Milk – I heard a lot from him yet I have never got to listen to his shit.
  5. Atmosphere – I know the dude, big fan, even got the album but I havent really listen to it.
  6. Skyzoo & Illmind – ‘Live from the tape deck’ seems like something good can come out of this one, I’ve seen it in a few lists now
  7. The Roots – ‘How I got over’ I didn’t know they had a new album, definitly a buy
  8. Black Sheep – ‘From the black pool of genius’ Wow this group is old, I used to like them but I didnt know they have a new joint out.
  9. Little Brother  – ‘LeftBack’ As well, I didnt know they had new stuff out.
  10. DJ Premier – ‘Get used to us’ Primoooooooooo Classic pure unadulterated hiphop
  11. Joel Ortist – ‘Free Agent’ So I know Joel for a while and didnt know he put finally and album
  12. Rozewood – ‘2012’ as opposed to Joel I know shit about this cat but he is NY and he is dark, which is the best combo for someone expecting Liquid Swords pt 2
  13. Slum Village – ‘Villa Manifesto’ Another Roots/Little Brother situation
  14. Madlib – ‘Before the Veridict’ Someting I need to check out since I am so confused with the timeline of these producers

I can go on forever but this is a pretty big list to go through at least for the following week. If something strikes me like a thunder, I will be definitly posting back on these cats.