Miami Heat is blazin’ through the playoffs


Wow great games by the Miami Heat, I havent been able to blog about them since the first round but Miami is really getting hot now and even Boston can’t match the Heat’s heat.

With LeBron and Dwayne being spectacular and surprises from the bench like James Jones I think that Miami can now really win it all. Chitown isn’t looking so hot after Hawks beat them on the first and even Lakers are also falling 2-0 behind the Mavs.

So having the Heat going 3-0 against the Celtics look more closer than none.

Now that said I dont think the Heat has completely dominate them by far. Their defense has been great, but not excellent. Dwayne wade has made a great job on Ray Allen but at least in my view hasn’t dominate the defensive game. Dwayne had 3 steals and 2 block shots which is good but not the greatest. Even Joel Anthony had also only 2 block shots.

Compared to the Dwayne from a month ago, this is nothing. When he was averaging a wooping 5 blocks a game and around 4-6 steals as well. Granted this wasn’t the Boston Celtics but it was the Spurs, which is by no means any easier to defend.

So if they could improve the defense in Boston I think they have a shot to win it. If they keep playing like this, it will be tough to secure the win there.


At the same time you hear comentators talk a lot about the ammount of energy that guarding Ray takes and Dwayne even he hasn’t slow down on this first two games. Doing it every 2 nights could be tiresome.

Next game is saturday and I hope to see a rejuvenated Dwayne, he stays away from migranes and keep playing the Celts like he had been doing so far.

Two big blogposts about the matchups by Shawn Powell and John Schuhman praise Heat superiority and Celtics lack of focus. Schuman takes it on the Celtics carless handled of the 3pt shooters from the Heat.  From guarding LeBron to guarding James Jones who scored all he wanted from the 3pt land. Personally I think that the Heat is being hurt by not giving any play to Eddie House which could give at least a couple of good shots. Eddie is the kind of player that gets hot when the playoff comes. But I guess Rondo has him well tamed to keep him away from playing well. Same with Joan Howard versus Kevin Garnett, or Dampier vs O’Neal. 

The fact that Heat hasn’t lost in the series gives them a bit of slowness of the bench rotation – If it’s not broken why fix it mentality.

For game two Schuhman was criticisizing Glen Davis for taking the two critical possesions on the 4th quarter after the Celtics tied the game. And call it a decisive moment for the series.

The Heat have won just two games, and they’re still a long way from a championship. But the fourth quarter of Game 2 may have been the moment that got them over the hump

Something I rather not believe, the series is too early to be defined. I would consider this on a game 3 in Boston though. And yes, this series won’t go to 7 games I think.

So saturday is the big day and I hope that the Heat is well prepared, they need to dominate better with their defense and break any runs late in the game to be able to have a chance.