Killer storm dream

With things that you see on twitter and the recent killerm storms in the midwest of the US. I actually started dreaming about something very similar. Actually there were two different dreams, one happening in Germany and another in the Midwest of the US.

The first one was a dream of spending time in Germany, and meeting some nationals expats who lived in Germany most of their lives. It was funny interacting with them because it was a very exagerated version of the difference in culture that we could have between Mexico and Europe. A very liberal society that will treat themselves a bit cold and you might even say rude. Not saying that germans are rude, but on my version they were a bit disconnected with one another. Having each one dressed on a very much unique way and having this liberal minded version of parties. Now that I tihnk about it, I guess it was a more british than germanic way of living.

So for example nudity was allowed on this shared house, there was not really any suprises if you see a hot girl hitting the shower while you talk about the weather with another friend.

We’ll be going to a party at the other side of town with scotters or small motorbikes.


And I was playing the role of the stupid tourist, that by not figuring out the building a step in a small tram that took me far from my laptop and cellphone and wallet that I left on a foodcourt cafeteria only to return the next day and find it still sitting on the table. With nobody to pick it up, even all the money was there.

Also completely missunderstanding the train system, I didn’t pay for my ticket but transportation is not meant to be enforced so as long as there is no traffic agent you can ride the train for free, of course you should pay otherwise you will get fined around 50 euros. 

So the expats seem pretty tight, but also very disconnected from the culture, eating this tacos that didn’t look like tacos at all and didn’t even care anymore. It was their version of tacos and they wouldnt trade it for the originals.

Eventually I needed to go to other places in Germany like Strugart and Hombolt, so I tried to figure out where I would need to stay and how can I keep going with what it seems a limited 300 euro budget.

The goal was to survive a week going to different places with these 300 euros.

I eventually wake up and my second dream I was in the midwest and knew that a huge storm was comming, but somehow people didn’t believe that it will happen, so they decided to ignore it. I start running around with this girl, looking for a place to stay, it seems that the college was one of the stongest buildings but didn’t had a basement and what we thought it was, comes out that it was ground level.


Some how we need to get off there and we can already feel the wind, sometimes with ice and sometimes with a high pressure the way you feel when a plane is taking off and ur ears pop.

Most of the people I found was like concerned but didn’t really know what to do, I asked for basements to use as refugee but they acted like they didnt know what we meant. Heavy trucks or trains were already jam packed which I though it would be a death sentence and eventually I decide to get out of a helicopter that was taking off from the college campus, cross the yard and the street and get into a building that did have a 3 level basement. I was jumping down the stairs like that kid from that french movie which jump between stairs levels using Parkour. Something similar to this video but more advanced.